[Mplayer-users] MPlayer perfoms on RedHat 7.X ....

Armand Passelac armand.passelac at orbytes.fr
Thu Aug 30 12:06:10 CEST 2001


That's the proceeding :

1) Download :
--> MPlayer-current.tar.bz2

2) Unzip :
bzip2 -d MPlayer-current.tar.bz2 
tar xfv MPlayer-current.tar
--> we get the following directory : MPlayer-20010828/

3 )Don't use directly the ./configure    !!!
You have before to follow the suitable stages :

4) To go on the following ftp site in order to get back the CODEX
forDIVIX (DLL format)
ftp thot.banki.hu -> w32codec.zip

5) Create /usr/lib/win32, and to put in the DLL(s).

6) To read the DVD, you have to compile the Mplayer with the following
libs libdvdread et licss.
They are available on

Then you have to untar them in the MPlayer-20010828/ directory, thus
compile them :
tar zxvf libcss-0.1.0.tar.gz
./configure && make && make install
tar zxvf libdvdread-0.8.0.tar.gz
./configure && make && make install

7)Installe MPLAYER :
With RedHat 7.X you have to modify the configure script
(MPlayer-20010828/configure) :

echo "$cc_version"
if [ ! -z "$cc_verc_fail" ] ; then
echo "Please downgrade(upgrade) gcc compiler to gcc-2.95.2+ or gcc-3.0+
# Put the next ligne in comment

case $cc_version in
    '') cc_version="v. ?.??, bad"; cc_verc_fail=yes;;
       cc_version="$cc_version, ok";;
    *) cc_version="$cc_version, bad"; cc_verc_fail=yes;;

--> add |2.96.[0-9] !!

then ./configure && make && make install

8) Moreover it's necessary to copy the file
MPlayer-20010828/etc/codecs.conf in $HOME/.mplayer/

9) Then try it : mplayer --help ;-)
Ex : 
mplayer -vo x11
mplayer -vo x11 -fs /mnt/cdrom/cybert~1.avi
mplayer -dvd 2 -vo x11 /mnt/cdrom/
mplayer -dvd 3 -vo x11 -fs /mnt/cdrom/
mplayer -dvd 2 -chapter 1 -dvdangle 1 -vo x11 -fs /mnt/cdrom/


Armand Passelac.

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