[Mplayer-users] Too slow playback, how to estimate speed gap?

Petri J. Riipinen petri.riipinen at nic.fi
Wed Aug 29 21:17:47 CEST 2001

>but as framebuffer is rgb-only, it eats some more cpu (and double/triple
>bus bandwith!) for yuv->rgb conversion. maybe video bandwith is too slow?
>do you have MTRR set up?

I have MTRR compiled to in kernel, but there is no /proc/mtrr, so my guess 
is that Crusoe doesn't support it...?!?

Ok, I will try this next with Cyrix MediaGX, if it has MTRR-stuff, altough 
it's only 300MHz, but I have a gut feeling that it should be a bit better 
with video stuff than Crusoe.

> > Ok, now to my question: Can I find out easily that "how much too slow" my
> > system is?
>yes, use -benchmark option and RTFM.

I'm running mplayer with -vo fbdev -ao null -dvd 1 /dev/dvd -benchmark

The benchmark gave me the following numbers:

BENCHMARKs: V:  2.000s VO: 0.000s  A: 0.080s Sys: 38.246s = 40.326s
BENCHMARK%: V: 4.9596% VO: 0.000% A: 0.1973% Sys: 94.8431% = 100.0000%

What do those numbers tell about my systems performance? Do they give any 
promise that a 600MHz Crusoe would do better? Or did I execute the 
benchmark incorrectly...?

- Petri

PS. I tried mplayer also with 300MHz Cyrix MediaGX, but that simply sucked...:(
   Petri J. Riipinen
petri.riipinen at nic.fi

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