[Mplayer-users] Couldn't open required DirectShow codec

Andreas Tretow andres.tretow at durham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 14:49:42 CEST 2001

When I first compiled it, I specified /usr/local/win32 as the codec 
directory and configure told me that it found the codecs there. But, if 
I recall correctly, I had problems with libcss.so and had to specifiy 
its location as well (I also had problems with the compiler and the 
kernel at the time, but was able to resolve all these problems). It 
could be that I later forgot to specifiy the correct location of the 
codecs and ignored the output. GRNGLRUMPF!!!!

However, I moved the codecs to /usr/lib/win32 and everything works of 

As you can see, I am pretty confused at the moment. Could be the fact 
that I am currently writing my masters dissertation: Have all the info I 
need and don't know how to start. That somehow influenced my capability 
of reading output and acting accordingly.

Thanks to everyone on this list for not flaming me too hard. Everything 
I got was well deserved and helped me to fix my (movie) problems.


André Dahlqvist wrote:
> Andreas Tretow <andres.tretow at durham.ac.uk> wrote:
>>It's weird though, that configure never complained....
> You sure? If I move my /usr/lib/win32 directory to /usr/local/win32 I get
> this message when I run configure:
> Failed to find a WIN32 codecs dir at /usr/lib/win32!
> Create it and copy the DLL files there! (You can get them from your windows
> directory or download them from:
> ftp://thot.banki.hu/esp-team/linux/MPlayer/w32codec.zip

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