[Mplayer-users] Streams on mplayer

Risto Virtanen rkv at wakkanet.fi
Fri Aug 24 10:12:08 CEST 2001


I just installed the mplayer 0.18, and it works just fine with the asf/wmv
videoclips I have on my harddisk.

But ofcourse I want something more!

Is it also possible to watch realtime streaming movies from the
internet with mplayer? 'mplayer -vo x11 -' takes input from STDIN, and I
have a piece of sw which takes UDP packets out of eth-interface and
directs them to STDOUT, but mplayer refused to play the 'stream'. MS
MediaPlayer uses a .nsc file to inform the player about the stream format,
but that file is uncomprehensible to humans.

Anybody tried it?

Risto Virtanen

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