[Mplayer-users] Clipping again,

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 21 16:44:51 CEST 2001

On Tuesday, 21. August 2001 15:37, Arpi wrote:
> Hi,
> > Hi,
> > I got lots of answers, but none from the people would have to knowledge
> > to really work on this:
> >
> > Will there be support for clipping of output?
> yes.
> after libvo2 is finished.
> (...and B.G. integrated mplayer into Windows OB (Only-Bugs))
> i don't plan touching current libvo code. it's an arbitrary big
> ugly hack, with many globals and hacks. we have a new, generalized,
> extendable libvo2 design, but nobody has time to port drivers and
> osd/sub stuff to it. libvo2 is preared for such stuff like clip/zoom/
> add black bands/move subtitles under the pic/interlaced video/deinterlace
> etc. but it's still lots of work to get it all working and rm -rf libvo1
btw. how usable us libvo2, is it already possible to port (in my case better 
rewrite :) drivers to it?
Some info, what needs to b e done would be nice.

> > P.S. Mplayer is great!
> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Best Regards,

	- Gabucino

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