[Mplayer-users] libavcodec/README not cvs removed?

André Dahlqvist andre.dahlqvist at telia.com
Mon Aug 20 15:34:25 CEST 2001

Arpi <arpi at thot.banki.hu> wrote:

> you are use cvs update -d
> (use cvs update only)


> XML parsing error:  tag PERFECTIONLIST has been never opened.


> anyway, please stop this too long thread about basic cvs usage and
> 'how to copy ffmpeg cvs to mplayer cvs' and so on.

Agreed, but this *had* nothing to do with that thread. I reported what I
thought was an error in the mplayer cvs tree. Had I known it was wrong
usage of CVS I would of course have look into the CVS documentation.
Arpi, don't generalize.

André Dahlqvist <andre.dahlqvist at telia.com>

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