[Mplayer-users] Another happy user with bugs.

Jakub Turski yacoob at chruptak.plukwa.net
Fri Aug 10 13:01:45 CEST 2001

* Arpi pisze co następuje... 
* [2001/08/10 11:03]

> > frames, and such - but there is an .ocx that decodes it. Maybe  you  can
> > make it work like win32 codecs do?
> does it worth? 

 It's  definitely  worth for me! As I have whole 'Shin Seiki Evangelion'
in this format. But I guess, it isn't popular among  people,  especially
now, when divx is quite popular and offers nice size/quality factor.
> i've never seen any .vivo files, just heard that it was used
> in old days, before .asf has born.

 Yup.  All  in  all,  my vivo collection isn't big. NGE, DNA^2... that's
all? But I hate to hold whole windows partition just in order  to  watch
movie... :(

> Gerard (ffmpeg) already wrote an .rm file demuxer, so if we have working
> codecs, then everything is possible... anyone interested?

 I could be, if I was tons and tons better with linux programming... :>

> someone should upload a few vivo files, then we can check what fileformat

 I  asked  my friend to upload a few ones. I cannot do it myself, as I'm
hanging on the modem :/
> are they using (is it documented? 

 I highly doubt it. It is closed format. Even for Windows there is (was?
didn't check it for a while) only 2 players - one which was  written  by
the authors of this format, and second, a freeware interface to the .ocx
which contains decoder... So only hope here is to make  this  .ocx  wor­
king. Any ideas?
> is there any opensource vivo player sout
> there?). 

 Haven't seen it either.
> afaik it uses the standard h263 codec, so it isn't problem, ffmpeg
> codec can decode it.

 Well, current mplayer refuses to play it :>
> >  Really?  Well,  I guess I mustn't tell my processor that he cannot play
> > it. It works fine right now :)
> :)
> maybe low res/bitrate divx plays well, or you are using -framedrop ?

 I'm  using  framedrop, but as far as divix isn't HQ - resolution above,
say, 600-700 in horizontal direction it plays fine.

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