[Mplayer-users] Another happy user with bugs.

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Aug 9 17:10:51 CEST 2001


> > > read .rm and .vivo... dream on... :)
> > RTFM. we can NOT support those.
>  .rm yes, but .vivo? I know, this format is all f*ked up :( has no index
> frames, and such - but there is an .ocx that decodes it. Maybe  you  can
> make it work like win32 codecs do?
does it worth? i've never seen any .vivo files, just heard that it was used
in old days, before .asf has born.

i can't hack codecs working, i'm not a win32 cracker.
current dll loader/emu code in mplayer is copied from the avifile project.

btw just checked readmedia page, and there is a downloadable SDK for
developers. i got it, and seems to be interesting, but it's C++.
maybe someone with c++ knowledge could try to develop something to get
linux realplayer's codecs work. for example, there is TRplayer, which
plays .ra audio under linux, using codecs plugins of realplayer.
(it's c++ too, but simple console app)
Gerard (ffmpeg) already wrote an .rm file demuxer, so if we have working
codecs, then everything is possible... anyone interested?

someone should upload a few vivo files, then we can check what fileformat
are they using (is it documented? is there any opensource vivo player sout
there?). afaik it uses the standard h263 codec, so it isn't problem, ffmpeg
codec can decode it.

> > > model name	: AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
> > > stepping	: 12
> > > cpu MHz		: 350.801
> > too slow for divx...
>  Really?  Well,  I guess I mustn't tell my processor that he cannot play
> it. It works fine right now :)
maybe low res/bitrate divx plays well, or you are using -framedrop ?

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