[Mplayer-users] Mplayer still does not work on the 1Ghz Athlon.

Dylan Griffiths Dylan_G at bigfoot.com
Tue Apr 24 01:19:07 CEST 2001

	Since no one has replied to my previous posting, I'm posting it again. 
Even a response of "I have no idea where it is breaking" is good, because
then I know I'm not playing with some known issue and can debug myself.

> please try what i asked you for.
> A. change HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT to @undef in config.h, and recompile.
> B. start mlpayer wiht option -noalsa (it disables system timer code, and
> uses soundcard's timer)
> One of A or B should work for you.

Nope.  In both situations, the first frame is rendered into the window, but
then the program goes off into an infinite loop again.  It's a bit better,
since we're getting a whole single frame decoded and blitted to the screen,
but I would certainly like to see it do this again and again for me :)

-nosound works as before, allowing the video to render.  There is something
broken in the sound code.  Any hints or pointers what it could be?

And am I right to assume that the emu10k1 driver has broken select code? 
(Since undefining HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT allows it to render that first frame,
which it did not do before.)  Or is the sound code in mplayer still the
thing which is primarily responsible for the problems?

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