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rodolfo.borges at mail.com rodolfo.borges at mail.com
Mon Apr 23 19:27:32 CEST 2001

Erlend Steinsvik wrote:
> How about making a nice and simple GUI ? If I knew GTK programming, I'd
> do it myself. But I don't :)
> Erlend Steinsvik - erlend at steinsvik.com

i much prefer to define a stdio text interface to control mplayer,
just like mpg123 -R.
so anyone can create a front end easely.

attached is the README.remote from mpg123, just for an example...

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Control interface to generic frontends
written/copyrights 1997/99 by Andreas Neuhaus (and Michael Hipp)

The generic remote interface allows frontends to easily control
mpg123 by commands through stdin/stdout. To start the generic
remote interface, start mpg123 with parameter -R.

As an example it's used by IRMP3, a tool that allows you to
control mpg123 with a standard infrared remote control. See
http://www.fasta.fh-dortmund.de/users/andy/irmp3/ for more


Command codes may be abbreviated by its first character.

			Stop playing and quit player

LOAD <a>
			Load and play a file/URL.

			Stop playing (without quitting the player)

			Pause/unpause playing

JUMP [+|-]<a>
			Skip <a> frames:
			+32	forward 32 frames
			-32	rewind 32 frames
			0	jump to the beginning
			1024	jump to frame 1024


Note: mpg123 returns errors on stderr, so your frontend should
      look not only at stdout but also at stderr for responses.

@R MPG123
			Startup version message

@I ID3:<a><b><c>
			Status message after loading a song (ID3 song info)
			a = title (exactly 30 chars)
			b = artist (exactly 30 chars)
			c = album (exactly 30 chars)
			d = year (exactly 4 chars)
			e = comment (exactly 30 chars)
			f = genre (string)

@I <a>
			Status message after loading a song (no ID3 song info)
			a = filename without path and extension

@S <a> <b> <c> <d> <e> <f> <g> <h> <i> <j> <k> <l>
			Status message after loading a song (stream info)
			a = mpeg type (string)
			b = layer (int)
			c = sampling frequency (int)
			d = mode (string)
			e = mode extension (int)
			f = framesize (int)
			g = stereo (int)
			h = copyright (int)
			i = error protection (int)
			j = emphasis (int)
			k = bitrate (int)
			l = extension (int)

@F <a> <b> <c> <d>
			Status message during playing (frame info)
			a = framecount (int)
			b = frames left this song (int)
			c = seconds (float)
			d = seconds left (float)

@P <a>
			Playing status
			a = 0: playing stopped
			a = 1: playing paused
			a = 2: playing unpaused

@E <a>
			An error occured
			Errors may be also reported by mpg123 through
			stderr (without @E)
			a = error message (string)

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