[Mplayer-users] GUI

Erlend Steinsvik erlend at steinsvik.com
Sat Apr 21 19:06:49 CEST 2001

> There are 2 GUI development projects too, but they have very low proirity,
> since all of the functions and commands are easy accessible from keyboard
> and/or the under-construction OSD menu.
> Other problem is that mplayer shouldn't depend on X. It works with svgalib,
> fbdev, dga, mga_vid overlay etc, so we don't want to rely on gtk.

Fair enough, but it doesn't have to depend on X even if there was a gtk
GUI for it; that could be download seperately. I just think it would be
great if I could have a rewind and forward function that let me jump to
where I wanted in the movie. (I know you can use the 'up' arrow, but
that's not quite as practical)

Erlend Steinsvik
erlend at steinsvik.com

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