[Mplayer-users] feature suggestion: video downsampling

Attila Kinali kinali at gmx.net
Sun Apr 22 14:27:22 CEST 2001

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001 12:15:54 +0200 "Christoph H. Lampert" <gruel at gmx.de> wrote:

> It's a question of the %s in the output. The first number is the 
> CPU-time needed to decode. If your computer is too slow to decode 
> in real-time (value >100%) then no downsampling will help. You can 
> also try mplayer -nosound -vo null   to see just decode percentage. 

it was something like 70% 110% 8% at max (most time below)
ie enough for decoding, but the output was too slow. W/o sound 
it comes down to 65% 95% 0% (max). Both with -vo xmga, Xv is
about 20% solwer (but this can be my X settings).

> The DivX-codec does not support spacial scalability, i.e. to produce
> a smaller picture himself. 
> Only if the CPU is fast enough, but the video output is too slow (old 
> graphics card or no accelerated output) then downsampling may help. 

Hm... I'm sure it's either my CPU (K6-II 350) or the data path.
Because my graphics card is quite fast (matrox G200).

> Easiest would be dropping every second line or every second frame. 
> Dropping individual pixels is slower. 

Aha. I dont know much about video handling, so it was just a guess.

			Attila Kinali

PS: here the output of ./fastmem.sh

k6 : v2-v1=1254431683 = 3576014us  (27.964fps)   41.9MB/s
mmx: v2-v1=1184733322 = 3377323us  (29.609fps)   44.4MB/s
mga-k6 : v2-v1=5132236486 = 14630468us  (6.835fps)   10.3MB/s
mga-mmx: v2-v1=3711806190 = 10581243us  (9.451fps)   14.2MB/s

(why is k6 slower than mmx ?)

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