[Mplayer-users] feature suggestion: video downsampling

Christoph H. Lampert gruel at gmx.de
Sun Apr 22 12:15:54 CEST 2001

Am Sonntag, 22. April 2001 12:04 schrieben Sie:
> Hi,
> I got a really good movie in divx format, but the problem is,
> my pc can't handle the data fast enough. I tried it with different
> sample rates with no difference. It looks like the databandwith
> needed to transfere the amount of pixels is just too high.
> Would it be possible to implement a downsampling alorithm ?
> Or something like videolan does (as i understood it stops
> rendering if no time is left).
> At least a simple pixel dropping (i.e. downscale the
> image by factor 2) should be simple to implement.

It's a question of the %s in the output. The first number is the 
CPU-time needed to decode. If your computer is too slow to decode 
in real-time (value >100%) then no downsampling will help. You can 
also try mplayer -nosound -vo null   to see just decode percentage. 

The DivX-codec does not support spacial scalability, i.e. to produce
a smaller picture himself. 
Only if the CPU is fast enough, but the video output is too slow (old 
graphics card or no accelerated output) then downsampling may help. 
Easiest would be dropping every second line or every second frame. 
Dropping individual pixels is slower. 


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