[Mplayer-users] Question: Fastmemcpy and 3dnow

mgraffam at idsi.net mgraffam at idsi.net
Thu Apr 19 19:05:56 CEST 2001

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Nick Kurshev wrote:

> I have found that Pontscho/fresh!mindworkz has corrected fastmemcpy
> code. I don't know what timing has k6-2 with such version but on k7
> (and undoubdetly on P3) it version of small_memcpy is slower, because 
> mplayer uses misaligned data such as 2-byte aligned (I already wrote it).

Here are the averages that I get over 100 runs on my K6-2:

   With 3DNow: v1-v2=740241.96
Without 3DNow: v1-v2=781859.25

I'd like to see what numbers the K6-3 gives.

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