[Mplayer-users] Asus ASV2 codec

Jens Hoffmann hoffmajs at gmx.de
Sat Apr 14 19:25:51 CEST 2001

Arpi wrote:
> > please upload a short sample avi using the codec aswell as the codec itself
> > (with dshow version, too if available) to a seperate dir and mail me about
> > it. (ftp://thot.banki.hu/incoming/)
> It's already there: incoming/MPlayer/OLD/ASV2/
since there are already some sample avis, i  stop it uploading another
(i have no appropriatly short file at hand, and to make one i would need
to boot windows..
but if you realy want it..8)
> > AVI samples for the other newly implemented image formats would also be a
> > nice thing to verify they are working correct.
> Gabucino is putting together a collection of sample files at:
> incoming/MPlayer/codecs/testsuite/

I did a "grep UYVY /usr/lib/win32/*" and most players seems to know it
but forcing divxc32.dll to use it, didnt work (ICDecompressQuery failed)
maybe its only input, or so and i have no samples for the other codecs
right now.
> > > has anybody a clue, of thats going wrong here?
> > > iirc i saw that pixelation under windows, too, with some player.
> > Many video codecs don't support filtering (at least the mjpeg, huffyuv,
> > wavelet and so on codecs don't filter their output wenn zoomed under windooze
> > with media player).
> It's more than unfiltered image...
> It seems to AC components has wrong scale, while DC coeffiecents are ok.

i noted also that on some testfile the video jumps occasionaly (its
small size
and no probleme for my cpu) and another file (larger resolution) seems
to not skip frames.

and another thing: when i output the avi with an RGB format,
after some seconds playing, i get an error in the demuxer:
    DEMUXER: Too many (51 in 4243072 bytes) video packets in the buffer!
    (maybe you play a non-interleaved stream/file or video codec failed)
then the audio (uncompressed pcm) stops playing, but the video still
with the UYVY output, i dont get the error and audio plays fine.


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