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Felix.Buenemann at gmx.de Felix.Buenemann at gmx.de
Fri Apr 13 01:08:50 CEST 2001

> Hello!
> Well, thanks everyone, who answered my previous request for foreign
> subtitle chars... here'se the make way to make tghe currentdefault
> charset:
> 1, the heigth of the starting picture should be about 35*5=xxx (lazy
> to calculate)
> 2, type the text.. I used Arial (not localiosed version, the
> international one), 110pixel sized (NOT POINT SIZE, PIXEL SIZE)
> 3, stroke the outline of the type on a seperate layer 5 pixel
> 4, duplicate the image, hide the stroke, flatten the duplicate and
>    scale it down to a heigth of 35 pixels.
> 5, save the duplicate as the bitmap
> 6, use the original image, flatten (with the outline visible), scale
> it down, blur t with gaussian blur with 10 pixel, then paste the
> "bitmap file" over with layer mode "screen" in PhotShop or "lighten
> only" in GIMP (I think... never used gimp...).
> 7, voila, the alpha map...

Well I chose 22 point Arial (normal no faux bold or stuff) with smooth
antialias on a 4000x35 ps image and for the alpha I've duplicated the font layer,
did a 2 pixel gaussian blur and duplicated it again, that looks quite the
same way (you have to create a black background layer). This looks the same but
is simpler.

BTW chass: I'm currently developing a multilanguage font, I've already done
the graphics only work to do is create all the pixel cooardinates for
font.desc file, I've finished for english and german, other chars should be added by
people who speak the language they want the chars (think I'll add french,
too), cause its much easier for them (only have german keyboard). In this way
we'll only have one font file (two with the alpha =) for nearly all languages,
my new font file should do english, german, french, danish, hungarian,
whatever as long as its not arabic (only latin chars included).

> that's all....
> hope it helps...
> --
> chass / mailto:chass at freemail.hu /

Best Regards,

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