[Mplayer-users] advice on dvd rip

Christoph H. Lampert gruel at gmx.de
Wed Apr 11 00:19:07 CEST 2001

> Well, I didn't hear about OpendivX yet. I know "DivX ;-)" is that format
> from the cracked mpeg4 codec. I though that cracker published all the
> details about divx;-) , complete with comparison to mpeg4?
> Who made OpendivX then? It's probably not legal too...

OpenDivX (see http://www.projectmayo.com) is a project of the same people that
hacked the M$-codec, who creating DivX by that.
It was started from scratch, based on the reference MPEG-4 implementation 
from MoMuSys. Since about 2-3 month, it is Open Source, under a selfmade 
licence, and developed on several plattforms: Windows and Linux are most 
common, but there are also working version for MacOS, Solaris, IRIX, BeOS, 
StrongARM, (Playstation2?) etc. 
It is supposed to be called DivX-Deux when it's released, until then the name 
is OpenDivX, current official version is 4.0alpha48, which is also supported 
by MPlayer. 

OpenDivX is as legal as a MPEG-4 codec can be (there are lots of patents on 
MPEG), except for the remainders of MoMuSys perhaps, which is removed piece 
by piece. Rumor is, that the quality of OpenDivX is on level with DivX3.11, 
decoding speed is fine, too, but encoding is still really slow. 

That's it, any more questions?


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