[Mplayer-users] sound problem playing opendivx file

Serge Eric Thiam serge-eric.thiam at student.uni-ulm.de
Mon Apr 9 10:32:03 CEST 2001


I downloaded the latest cvs-mplayer (2001.04.09) which compiled without
a problem on my system. The problem I have is with the sound while
playing some divx files. For example the file: 
The image is smooth, but the sound is jerky. I tried all possible output
for my card/sytem here listet from best to worst (dga, x11, sdl, fsdga)
with the same result. I have a notbook with the following specs:

	Linux kernel 2.4.4
	alsa sound driver 0.5.10b for Ess Solo1
	XFree 4.0.3
	latest mplayer from cvs
	graphics card ATI 3D Rage LT Pro
	PII 450 Mhz

Does anyonw has the same problem? It occurs with some other divx files
too. Can anyone point to me where to start debugging the problem...

Thanks in advance
Serge Eric Thiam - serge-eric.thiam at student.uni-ulm.de

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