[Mplayer-users] MPlayer and SDL

mgraffam at idsi.net mgraffam at idsi.net
Mon Apr 9 07:11:13 CEST 2001

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Stefan Recksiegel wrote:

> I use the snapshot of 03 April with a 2.4.2 kernel. My graphics
> adaptor is a Savage4 that runs under X 4.0.2. The problem with
> this setup is, that X does not provide XV extensions for this chipset
> (yet), so I can't use the xv driver. x11 is a bit slow for divx
> (though fine for VCD, but I really need a scalable output). 

For best performance, you don't want to use SDL scaling. Add in a 
number of low resolution (doublescan?) modes to your X config file,
and use normal DGA output, but zoom into the image using the
mode-switching abilities of -vo dga. 

Michael Graffam (mgraffam at idsi.net)

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