[Mplayer-users] MPlayer and SDL

Stefan Recksiegel sr at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Apr 9 06:05:03 CEST 2001


I have a different problem, but it is also related to SDL:

I use the snapshot of 03 April with a 2.4.2 kernel. My graphics
adaptor is a Savage4 that runs under X 4.0.2. The problem with
this setup is, that X does not provide XV extensions for this chipset
(yet), so I can't use the xv driver. x11 is a bit slow for divx
(though fine for VCD, but I really need a scalable output). 
The computer in question is my home server has only a TV connected but 
no monitor. If I use DGA of FSDGA the TV completely loses sync (but
the picture seems to be there !), but that might be a problem of the 
X driver in connection with the TV-out chip on the card.
I decided to use SDL, but altough I have manually enabled SDL and
configure reports 'yes', it does not appear in the list of supported
output drivers (-vo help). mplayer is linked against the SDL-library,
though ! This goes for both 1.1.8 and 1.2.0.

Does anybody have any idea why sdl does not work for me or does
anybody have some information on the dga sync problem ?


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