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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Apr 5 04:03:31 CEST 2001


> Hi!! just some kick dirty question :)
> On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 06:54:58PM -0500, Arpi wrote:
> > > Do you mean that I shouldn't use mga_vid in Xwindows?
> > yes. there is an extension called Xv, with the same purpose.
> > it's more standard, than mga_vid.
> > (note: X 4.0.2 or above only!)
> Ok, I have X 4.0.3, but I "feel" like mga_vid is very fast, are  you
> saying that Xv is *more* fast that mga_vid? or the same?
It should be the same. But actually it's a bit slower.

> how can I know that? (benchmark) I thought that by using mga_vid I was
> taking full advantage of my video hardware (G200) and Xv is just
> software related, like -vo x11 .. am I wrong?
Xv does the same as mga_vid: use your card's hardware YUV scaler to
display image. But while mga_vid is a hacked-up kernel driver done by
Aaron, me and many others, Xv is a standard way to access YUV scalers
under linux/unix.

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Btw, code to mplayer-matrox list, this is very offtopic here!

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