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> > > ftp://ftp.pld.org.pl/PLD-1.0/i{3,5,6}86/PLD/RPMS/
> > It's nice to compile for different CPUs, but how do you solve
> > supporting various output drivers (gl,sdl,xv,mga)?
> We use XFree86 4.0, so gl, xv is of course supported. Binaries
> are also compiled with sdl support. mga isn't compiled in
> while it can be if it doesn't require some other libraries
> than XFree and SDL.
What about DGA? And DGA v1.0 vs. v2.0 ?
And mga/xmga/syncfb doesn't requires libraryes, they just opens /dev/mga_vid
and calls it with an ioctl() interface. But mga users have to compile the
kernel driver from drivers/ for their kernel version.

> > And what's
> > with the config.h parameters? Like HAVE_AUDIO_SELECT? It depends
> > on the soundcard driver!
> Our main sound driver is ALSA so there should be no problem in most cases (?).
> Personaly I dislike idea of compile time options... runtime are much better.
Yes, it will be changed in the far future... We'll move to libxmm, and
use plugins, so dependency on external libs/drivers will be solved.
But until we do it, binary packages are near unusable, and sometimes worse
than nothing: the user see the package, download, try, not works, forget
mplayer or even worse: tell his friends about this *shit*.
I've experienced this many times. I was surprised when re-compiled something
from source, and it gets many new options than the pre-compiled one.
Is GIMP an example good enough? But I can continue the list...

Why don't you do the same as Telenieko with debian packaging?
He made the required files to allow user to make packages after some
easy configuring process. (see DOCS/DEBIAN, and setup.sh)
So the user will answer some basic questions, and then it compiles, and
build a .deb package. Then it's easy installable.

Anyway I will never understand why rpm -i or dpkg -i are better than
./configure;make;make install. In the later case your system components will
be detected, and the whole stuff will be optimized for your CPU, and
everything will match your libs/kernel versions.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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