[MPlayer-translations] r21726 - trunk/help/help_mp-es.h

mail at kraymer.de mail at kraymer.de
Fri Dec 22 23:48:13 CET 2006

> Author: reynaldo
> Date: Fri Dec 22 07:31:51 2006
> New Revision: 21726
> Modified:
>   trunk/help/help_mp-es.h
> Log:
> fix correct addressing of user, some gram and ortographical fixes too -
> only partial

Great to see we're getting somewhere with the Spanish help messages! One
question though, Reynaldo: Was your latest commit a general cleanup or did
it have sth. to do with Fernando's changes?I hope his translation is not interfering with how you like the
translation to be done. While you are still official maintainer, I gave
Fernando a go to translate as he sees fit. Since I don't have any
knowledge of Spanish, I can't  really form an opinion about the patch or
consistency of translation for that matter. Almost like Chinese to me ;)My hope is you both can agree on sth. (if there is sth to clarify) esp.
because Fernando indicated he'd like to start to work on the man page too.


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