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Mon Dec 18 02:23:03 CET 2006

> Yes. Torinthiel is right.
> In actual fact, we have two character systems in Chinese.
> One is traditional Chinese character which is still largely used in
> HongKong, TaiWan etc.
> The other is widely used in main land. And it is called simplified
> Chinese. I recommend that we change directory name of the xml doc to
> zh_cn, and there might be another directory called zh_tw.

Hello Kun,
thanks for clarification. I just committed to change the directory to zh_CN.

> I can only do much work at the weekend. So please forgive me if I get
> slow down in recent days.

Nobody expects you to work on it 24/7. :) As long as there is work in
progress, it is perfectly fine. Translating the whole documentation is
quite some work and will take time, sometimes more, sometimes less.


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