[MPlayer-translations] Re: [MPlayer-DOCS] r21641 - in trunk/DOCS/xml: Makefile zh zh/Makefile zh/audio.xml zh/bugreports.xml zh/bugs.xml zh/documentation.xml

mail at kraymer.de mail at kraymer.de
Sun Dec 17 16:56:50 CET 2006

torinthiel wrote:
> Author: torinthiel
> Date: Sun Dec 17 09:29:42 2006
> New Revision: 21641
> Added:
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/Makefile
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/audio.xml
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/bugreports.xml
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/bugs.xml
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/zh/documentation.xml
> Modified:
>    trunk/DOCS/xml/Makefile
> Log:
> Initial Chinseese translation, by Kun Niu, haoniukun gmail com

Yeah, that's great news :)
However, I'm getting lots of warnings when I build the docs:

 >> No localization exists for "zh" or "". Using default "en".

However, the resulting html page appears to be rendered correctly. Is it
something I am missing on my system? I couldn't spot anything  wrong in
the modified/added Makefiles..


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