[MPlayer-translations] Can I help to make the mplayer Chinese doc?

Torinthiel torinthiel at megapolis.pl
Thu Dec 14 12:27:11 CET 2006

On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 12:45:16PM +0800, Kun Niu wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm new here. And I found that the simplified doc for mplayer is outdated.
> And I would like to participate in the translation.
> Can anyone be kind enough to tell me what I should do for the participation?

Well, Chinese doc's is so much outdated, the best thing to do is
retranslate from scratch.

Now, there are three areas: the manpage, the xml docs, and the console
messages. In all cases, start by checkin out MPlayer from SVN and
reading DOCS/tech/translations.txt and DOCS/tech/patches.txt

1) manpage: begin by reading DOCS/tech/manpage, than create your
directory under DOCS/man, copy the English manpage and start editing ;)
As for format: as long as you don't touch .sth at start of line, and
anything after \ you should be safe, and should soon find out what means
what. Ask otherwise.
For encoding: choose what you think is the most popular, and don't
forget to mark your choice in comments in the beginning.
You don't have to translate everything at once, parts are welcome as
well, leaving the rest in English is probably the best choice.

2) console messages: go to help subdirectory, start by copying
help_mp-en.h to help_mp-zh.h (I hope I got the name correct ;)
and start editing. It's a simple C header file, so keep quotes around
text, don't touch #define MSGTR_* strings before quotes and keep the
"%sth" markers intact and in order. Test by running top-level configure
with --language=zh, making and running MPlayer.
The encoding is utf-8 mandatory.

3) XML doc's: MPlayer changed it's documentation format since CHinceese
was updated, so now, IMHO it's easier to translate from scratch than try
to copy parts from different .html files.
Go to the DOCS/xml directory, read README and README.maintainers there,
create a new directory for the translation, copy Makefile from any
language, make sure USE_SYMLINKS is set to yes, copy any .xml file from
en/ directory and start translating. .xml files are normal text files,
you should find out the meaning of everything easily and if not don't
hesitate to ask. Try to use UTF-8 encoding, if you really can't than
use whatever you like, just remember to change it in <?xml?> tag at
start of EACH file.

To test your translation, go to DOCS/xml directory, edit Makefile adding
your language directory to SUBDIRS variable, and run make. Should work,
unless you don't have all the tools installed - in that case the best
place to look is DOCS/xml/README.

You don't have to do things in any particular order, and remember it's
quite some work, so if you can get some friends to help you, it's even
better. When you've done something, send the files (or patches, for
files that already exist) here, and they'll get applied.
And if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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