[MPlayer-translations] CVS: main/help help_mp-it.h,1.65,1.66

Paolo Tresoldi PaulTT syncmail at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Nov 10 01:49:54 CET 2005

CVS change done by Paolo Tresoldi (PaulTT)

Update of /cvsroot/mplayer/main/help
In directory mail:/var2/tmp/cvs-serv17167/help

Modified Files:
Log Message:
small typo

Index: help_mp-it.h
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/main/help/help_mp-it.h,v
retrieving revision 1.65
retrieving revision 1.66
diff -u -r1.65 -r1.66
--- help_mp-it.h	10 Nov 2005 00:21:13 -0000	1.65
+++ help_mp-it.h	10 Nov 2005 00:49:51 -0000	1.66
@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@
 #define MSGTR_OSDSpeed "Velocità: x %6.2f"
 #define MSGTR_OSDStayOnTop "Resta in primo piano: %so"
 #define MSGTR_OSDRootwin "Rootwin: %so"
-#define MSGTR_OSDFramedrop "Scarto fotogrammi: %so"
+#define MSGTR_OSDFramedrop "Scarto fotogrammi: %s"
 #define MSGTR_OSDFramedropOn "on"
 #define MSGTR_OSDFramedropHard "hard"
 #define MSGTR_OSDFramedropOff "off"

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