[MPlayer-G2-dev] Concerning TODO itemre-thinkparent-childconnection, move to vf_vo2.c maybe

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Tue Dec 9 18:18:04 CET 2003

> > > On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 02:25:21PM +0100, Sascha Sommer wrote:
> > > > I think all of them need nothing more than a handle to
> > the window in
> > > > which they should display the window, it's x, y, width and height
> > > > and the colorkey. Therefore I propose that the UI creates the
> > > > windows for them and passes its parameters to the vo when
> > they change.
> > >
> > > Does this mean that each UI calls vo->create_window or some
> > other vo
> > > function, or should thæ UI know how to create a window for
> > each vo it
> > > plans to use?  I don't think that vo-dependant code should
> > be in the
> > > UI, so I hope you don't mean to do this.
> > >
> >
> > I think the vos only use two kinds of windows X11 and windows windows.
> > If it is a linux gui it should know how to create a X11
> > window or call a helper function like the one in libvo2/x11_helper.c.
> And uder DirectFB You can create windows too... So there should generic -
> not x11 dependant way.
> I can imagine that there is an GUI written using gtk and uses x11 based vo
> under xwindows and different vo under directfb.
> JS

This is not a problem as vo_directfb can still create windows itself. My
proposal is only
for the vos that share their window handling code. Look at the
/eventhandling/windowcreation code in vo x11, xv, xvidix, xover,gl, gl2 and
on the windows
side gl2, directx, winvidix. That are imho things that do not belong in the
vos. The vos ideally
should only export their buffers and display the buffer content based on
given x,y,widht,height and
colorkey. At least when it comes to the windowed vos...


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