[MPlayer-G2-dev] libaf

Anders Johansson ajh at watri.org.au
Mon Aug 11 14:21:49 CEST 2003


> > 2. How does runtime configuration work, where do I export the pointer
> That part is not finalized yet, but in my plans there will be a flag to
> select runtime (without reinit) changeable parameters. When the others are
> changed, the filter will be re-inited (or re-opened).
> When runtime chanegable parameter is changed, a special control (CFG_NOTIFY
> or so) will be called. 

Why not use a pointer to the config struct as an input paramter to the
config function?

> This part is not yet implemented...
> (i'm waiting for teh first (G)UI to be able to test such thing)

I have a suggestion how the config management could be handeled.

Create a linked list of structs according to 

typedef struct instance_s{
  int (*control)(struct instance_s* instance, int cmd, void* arg);
  struct instance_s next;
  struct instance_s prev;

Then for every module typ (af vf vo vd ad etc) "overload" the struct,

typedef struct af_instance_s
  int (*control)(struct af_instance_s* af, int cmd, void* arg);
  struct af_instance_s* next;
  struct af_instance_s* prev;  
  void (*uninit)(struct af_instance_s* af);
  af_data_t* (*play)(struct af_instance_s* af, af_data_t* data);
  void* setup;    // setup data for this specific instance and filter
  af_data_t* data; // configuration for outgoing data stream

  ..and so on

Put all the module loading and linked list management in a common lib
where the module specific xx_instance_t* are casted to instance_t* and
export the list to the (G)UI. The UI will be able to call control in
an module independent way without having to know exactly what it is
talking to.

> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team


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