[MPlayer-G2-dev] libaf

Anders Johansson ajh at watri.org.au
Fri Aug 8 15:28:52 CEST 2003


Got some questions.

> Hi,
> > I will try to convert libaf to the new general config system this
> > weekend. Is there anything else you want me to change in the audio
> > filter layer while I am at it?
> yes, rewrite from scratch :)))
> ok just joke.

Are you sure?

> but i would like a stream/fifo like implementation instead of this current
> packet i/o style. the packet stuff would be ok, if you could accurately
> predict (calculate) in/out packet sizes, but i see it's not possible for
> many filters.

Still not sure what you mean by stream/fifo. But think I have managed
to work out a way to predict the number of samples, so I will
implement it, pretty much what you describe below.

> what i really want to see in libaf, is very similar to vf layer:
> the bottom end (ao) requiest N samples (or bytes), from the af
> layer. then the last af filter is called to produce N samples.
> This filter then calculates that it needs M samples to be able to
> produce exactly N samples. then it calls the previous filter in line,
> to produce M samples and so on, up to the codec.

Ok to the questions:

1. I have pretty much figured out how to define config_data_s,
   config_defaults, config_t config_format[] and xx_info_t structs, but
   I don't get how I am supposed to read the configuration data, I guess
   it will be in the config_defaults struct, but when is it valid?

2. How does runtime configuration work, where do I export the pointer
   to my control function? Or will the runtime UI have a separate
   interface to every part of the player?

> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team


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