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Wed Jan 7 17:39:57 CET 2009

Author: eugeni
Date: Wed Jan  7 17:39:56 2009
New Revision: 28279

Clarify relationship between -ass and -fontconfig in the man page.


Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
--- trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Tue Jan  6 21:44:51 2009	(r28278)
+++ trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Wed Jan  7 17:39:56 2009	(r28279)
@@ -2088,8 +2088,8 @@ external subtitles and Matroska tracks.
 You may also want to use \-embeddedfonts.
-When fontconfig is compiled-in, \-ass turns on \-fontconfig
-unless explicitly turned off with \-nofontconfig.
+Unlike normal OSD, libass uses fontconfig by default. To disable it, use
 .B \-ass\-border\-color <value>
@@ -2273,8 +2273,9 @@ With fontconfig, this option determines 
 Enables the usage of fontconfig managed fonts.
-\-ass automatically turns this on unless explicitly overridden
-with \-nofontconfig.
+By default fontconfig is used for libass-rendered subtitles and not used for
+OSD. With \-fontconfig it is used for both libass and OSD, with \-nofontconfig
+it is not used at all.
 .B \-forcedsubsonly

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