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Date: Wed Jan  7 15:04:34 2009
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Fix a few more links to removed documentation.


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@@ -4587,8 +4587,7 @@
 It's quite clear that they've never read our News section, because we
 hurried to state they've even stolen <b><i>our own</i></b> subtitle
-file format MPsub (<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/subosd.html#mpsub">see our
+file format MPsub (see our specifications).
@@ -7858,9 +7857,7 @@
 		resolution, and became very popular many years ago - many old games support
 		only EGA, not VGA.<br>
 		Recently <b>Michael Niedermayer</b> added 4bpp (16 colors) converter
-		in <b>MPlayer</b>, enabling us to use SVGAlib's EGA driver.
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/output-trad.html#svgalib">See the
-		documentation for more information!</a>
+		in <b>MPlayer</b>, enabling us to use SVGAlib's EGA driver.</a>
 		<p class="center">
@@ -8251,8 +8248,7 @@
 	<li><b>playing or encoding audio from separate file</b> - use the
 		<code>-audiofile</code> option. See the manpage of course.</li>
 	<li><b>new audio plugins</b> - such as extrastereo, volume normalizer,
-		software mixer, etc.
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/audio.html">Documentation</a>.</li>
+		software mixer, etc.</li>
 	<li><b>mach64_vid</b> - new Vidix driver for cards with Mach64 chipset
 		(Rage XL/Mobility, Xpert98).</li>
 	<li><b>TV audio encoding support on BSD</b> - but still not on Linux :(</li>
@@ -8468,11 +8464,6 @@
 Ability to use for example mga_vid on <b>BSD</b>. On <b>Windows</b>. On......
-<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/output-trad.html#vidix">Read about
@@ -8590,8 +8581,7 @@
 	<li><b>direct rendering</b> (resulting in much faster image display, thus even smaller CPU requirement)</li>
 	<li>free (and MMX/3DNow accelerated) conversion between RGB and YUV colorspaces (so you can use ANY codecs with ANY video output drivers)</li>
-	<li>100% complete support of <a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dvb">DVB</a>
-		and <a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dxr3">DXR3</a> cards</li>
+	<li>100% complete support of DVB and DXR3 cards</li>
 	<li>support of DVD and VOBsub subtitles</li>
@@ -8757,9 +8747,6 @@
 removed upon RedHat's request.
-<p>Updated version is <a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/users-vs-dev.html">here</a>.
@@ -8802,9 +8789,7 @@
 		Keep checking the documentation for new stuff!</li>
 	<li><b>DXR3 support</b> - shortly after DVB cards' support, DXR3 has
 		arrived too! DVB and DXR3 are hardware MPEG decoder cards, and with
-		<b>MPlayer</b> you can watch MPEG1/2/4 on them! Check the documentation about
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dvb">DVB</a> and
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dxr3">DXR3</a> cards !</li>
+		<b>MPlayer</b> you can watch MPEG1/2/4 on them!</li>
 	<li><b>Cache layer</b> - cache in <b>MPlayer</b> ! This separate
 		process caches the input data (useful for example for network, slow
 		CD drives, etc), then feeds it to the main process. Add the proper

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