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+<!-- $Revision: 3371 $ -->
 This began a year ago...  I have tried lots of players under Linux
-(<span class="application">mtv</span>, <span class="application">xmps</span>,
-<span class="application">dvdview</span>, <span class="application">livid/oms</span>,
-<span class="application">videolan</span>, <span class="application">xine</span>,
-<span class="application">xanim</span>, <span class="application">avifile</span>,
-<span class="application">xmmp</span>) but they all have some problem. Mostly with
+(mtv, xmps, dvdview, livid/oms, videolan, xine, xanim, avifile, xmmp)
+but they all have some problem. Mostly with
 special files or with audio/video sync. Most of them are unable to play both
 MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and AVI (DivX) files. Many players have image quality or speed
 problems too. So I've decided to write/modify one...
-</p></blockquote></div><p>A'rpi, 2001</p><div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc"><li><p>
+<p>A'rpi, 2001</p>
 <span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">mpg12play</span> v0.1-v0.3</strong></span>: Sep 22-25, 2000
 The first try, hacked together in a half hour!  I've used libmpeg3
@@ -100,3 +106,5 @@
 <span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 1.0</strong></span> date yet unknown
+<!-- content end -->

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