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This is just old history.html with minimal changes.
May be buggy, should be tested.


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+This began a year ago...  I have tried lots of players under Linux
+(<span class="application">mtv</span>, <span class="application">xmps</span>,
+<span class="application">dvdview</span>, <span class="application">livid/oms</span>,
+<span class="application">videolan</span>, <span class="application">xine</span>,
+<span class="application">xanim</span>, <span class="application">avifile</span>,
+<span class="application">xmmp</span>) but they all have some problem. Mostly with
+special files or with audio/video sync. Most of them are unable to play both
+MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and AVI (DivX) files. Many players have image quality or speed
+problems too. So I've decided to write/modify one...
+</p></blockquote></div><p>A'rpi, 2001</p><div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc"><li><p>
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">mpg12play</span> v0.1-v0.3</strong></span>: Sep 22-25, 2000
+The first try, hacked together in a half hour!  I've used libmpeg3
+from <a class="ulink" href="http://www.heroinewarrior.com" target="_top">http://www.heroinewarrior.com</a> up to the version 0.3, but
+there were image quality and speed problems with it.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">mpg12play</span> v0.5-v0.87</strong></span>: Sep 28-Oct 20, 2000
+MPEG codec replaced with DVDview by Dirk Farin, it was a
+great stuff, but it was slow and was written in C++ (A'rpi hates C++!!!)
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">mpg12play</span> v0.9-v0.95pre5</strong></span>: Oct 21-Nov 2, 2000
+MPEG codec was libmpeg2 (mpeg2dec) by Aaron Holtzman and
+Michel Lespinasse.  It's great, optimized very fast C code with perfect
+image quality and 100% MPEG standard conformance.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> v0.3-v0.9</strong></span>: Nov 18-Dec 4, 2000
+It was a pack of two programs: mpg12play v0.95pre6 and my
+new simple AVI player 'avip' based on avifile's Win32 DLL loader.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> v0.10</strong></span>: Jan 1, 2001
+</p><p>The MPEG and AVI player in a single binary!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> v0.11pre series</strong></span>:
+Some new developers joined and since 0.11 the <span class="application">MPlayer</span>
+project is a team-work! Added ASF file support, and OpenDivX
+(see <a class="ulink" href="http://www.projectmayo.com" target="_top">http://www.projectmayo.com</a>) en/decoding.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> v0.17a "The IdegCounter"</strong></span>: Apr 27, 2001
+The release version of the 0.11pre after 4 months of heavy
+development!  Try it, and be amazed! Thousands of new features added...
+and of course old code was improved too, bugs removed etc.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.18 "The BugCounter"</strong></span>: Jul 9, 2001
+2 months since 0.17 and here's a new release.. Completed ASF
+support, more subtitle formats, introduced libao (similar to libvo but to
+audio), even more stable than ever, and so on. It's a MUST!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.50 "The Faszom(C)ounter"</strong></span>: Oct 8, 2001
+Hmm. Release again. Tons of new features, beta GUI version,
+bugs fixed, new vo and ao drivers, ported to many systems, including
+open source DivX codecs and much more. Try it!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.60 "The RTFMCounter"</strong></span>: Jan 3, 2002
+MOV/VIVO/RM/FLI/NUV file formats support, native CRAM, Cinepak,
+ADPCM codecs, and support for XAnim's binary codecs; DVD subtitles support,
+first release of <span class="application">MEncoder</span>, TV grabbing, cache,
+liba52, countless fixes.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.90pre10 "The BirthdayCounter"</strong></span> Nov 11, 2002
+Although this is not a release, I am going to mention it because it
+came out 2 years after <span class="application">MPlayer</span> v0.01.
+Happy birthday, <span class="application">MPlayer</span>!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.90rc1 "The CodecCounter"</strong></span> Dec 7, 2002
+Again not a release, but after adding Sorenson 3 (QuickTime)
+and Windows Media 9 support, <span class="application">MPlayer</span> is the
+world's first movie player with support for all known video formats!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.90 "The CounterCounter"</strong></span> Apr 6, 2003
+After more than 1 year, we finally concluded that the code was indeed
+stable again, and ready to be published as a release. Unfortunately we
+forgot even to increase the version number, and other annoying bugs went
+in, so get ready for...
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 0.91</strong></span> Aug 13, 2003
+The above mentioned and lot of other bugs have been fixed.
+This is the latest stable version.
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 1.0pre1 "Development on the beach"</strong></span> Sep 1, 2003
+Although this is not a stable release, I am going to mention it because it is
+the first pre version of the 1.0 series of <span class="application">MPlayer</span>
+and it is intended to help the <span class="emphasis"><em>big bug hunting party</em></span>.
+This is a huge step forward!
+<span class="bold"><strong><span class="application">MPlayer</span> 1.0</strong></span> date yet unknown

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