[MPlayer-DOCS] A few issues about video.xml

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sun Nov 12 23:57:18 CET 2006

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 10:28:11PM +0100, Torinthiel wrote:
> Right now just sections "8.1. Setting up MTRR" and
> "8.2. Video outputs for traditional video cards", as I've only read
> those and have enough questions not to postpone it until I finish
> syncing Polish video.xml
> around line 25: I did this from XFree 4.x.x ,
> Is the space before coma intentional? Ic could be, not to meld with
> version number, but I don't like the look of this.

Remove it.

> A few places where there's an inconsistent indentation of start tag vs
> end tag:
> (end tags line numbers only): 39, 47, 51, 1260, 1275, 1282, 1288, 1293,
> 1326, 1334, 1381, 1406 and a lot more. Around lines 1382--1400 it's
> a bit different, as it's like:
> <listitem><simpara>
>   </simpara>
>   <simpara>
>   </simpara></listitem>
> I'd change it to
> <listitem>
>   <simpara>
>   </simpara>
>   <simpara>
>   </simpara>
> </listitem>

Feel free to fix.

> Line 45: one stray EOL in <screen>, resulting in an ugly HTML rendering.
> Usually fixed with commenting the EOL.

Do it.

> Line 77: I've never seen a shell redirection operator >|. It appears to
> work, but > or >> (probably >) is more conventional.

Should be > I would say.

> Line 96: The '' around <option> are IMHO redundant, <option> already
> makes it stick out of text, both in XML and in HTML.


> Line 97: Missing period after etc? A quick grep shows that it's usually
> <example>list, another, etc.</example>, but not everywhere.

Feel free to fix.

> Line 168-169: <quote>Older 3dfx drivers were known to have problems with
> XVideo acceleration, it didn't support either YUY2 or YV12, and so.</quote>
> I don't get the "end so" part at all. And it's the very first sentence
> of a section.


> Pretty much inconsistent spelling of 'xv' vs 'Xv' in whole file (same xv
> as in -vo xv). Which one should it be?

I think the X11 extension is called Xv, but the output driver is xv.

> Line 195-196:
> (e.g. append "<option>vga=792 video=vesa:mtrr</option>" to your kernel)
> s/kernel/kernel parameters/ or something similar. Kernel is a binary,
> it's not wise to append text to it.


> Line 548: "Using a depth of 24 bit is even a good idea if ..."
> Wouldn't it be better "Using a depth of 24 bit is a good idea even if..."?
> It sound better to me.


> Line 931: <command>export $__GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1</command>
> I don't like $ in variable name. And neither does my bash.


> Lines 1330 and 1332: It's
> <keycap>Ctrl</keycap>+<keycap>Alt</keycap>+<keycap>plus</keycap>
> there (about swithing resolution in X) while in line 579 it's
> <keycap>Ctrl</keycap>+<keycap>Alt</keycap>+<keycap>Keypad +</keycap>
> I prefer this version.

So do I.

> Lines 1458 and 1480 (at least): root (as a user name) is not within
> <systemitem class="username"> tags. There are some other places before
> with root, but not as a user name (either as root privilages or SUID
> root) so these ones don't qualify IMHO. Probably some others later as
> well, haven't yet examined.

Feel free to fix.

> Line 1531: Missing period at end of sentence.


> I'll do this if I have a green light, hopefully in a sane number of
> commits. And expect some more when I finish with this file ;)

Go for it.

> PS Am I the only one to actually read and complain about the doc's I'm
> translating? Or am I just being too pedantic?

Hopefully not, but it seems you are the most active of the crowd..


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