[MPlayer-DOCS] A few issues about video.xml

Torinthiel torinthiel at megapolis.pl
Sun Nov 12 22:28:11 CET 2006

Right now just sections "8.1. Setting up MTRR" and
"8.2. Video outputs for traditional video cards", as I've only read
those and have enough questions not to postpone it until I finish
syncing Polish video.xml

around line 25: I did this from XFree 4.x.x ,
Is the space before coma intentional? Ic could be, not to meld with
version number, but I don't like the look of this.

A few places where there's an inconsistent indentation of start tag vs
end tag:
(end tags line numbers only): 39, 47, 51, 1260, 1275, 1282, 1288, 1293,
1326, 1334, 1381, 1406 and a lot more. Around lines 1382--1400 it's
a bit different, as it's like:
I'd change it to

Line 45: one stray EOL in <screen>, resulting in an ugly HTML rendering.
Usually fixed with commenting the EOL.

Line 77: I've never seen a shell redirection operator >|. It appears to
work, but > or >> (probably >) is more conventional.

Line 96: The '' around <option> are IMHO redundant, <option> already
makes it stick out of text, both in XML and in HTML.

Line 97: Missing period after etc? A quick grep shows that it's usually
<example>list, another, etc.</example>, but not everywhere.

Line 168-169: <quote>Older 3dfx drivers were known to have problems with
XVideo acceleration, it didn't support either YUY2 or YV12, and so.</quote>
I don't get the "end so" part at all. And it's the very first sentence
of a section.

Pretty much inconsistent spelling of 'xv' vs 'Xv' in whole file (same xv
as in -vo xv). Which one should it be?

Line 195-196:
(e.g. append "<option>vga=792 video=vesa:mtrr</option>" to your kernel)
s/kernel/kernel parameters/ or something similar. Kernel is a binary,
it's not wise to append text to it.

Line 548: "Using a depth of 24 bit is even a good idea if ..."
Wouldn't it be better "Using a depth of 24 bit is a good idea even if..."?
It sound better to me.

Line 931: <command>export $__GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1</command>
I don't like $ in variable name. And neither does my bash.

Lines 1330 and 1332: It's
there (about swithing resolution in X) while in line 579 it's
<keycap>Ctrl</keycap>+<keycap>Alt</keycap>+<keycap>Keypad +</keycap>
I prefer this version.

Lines 1458 and 1480 (at least): root (as a user name) is not within
<systemitem class="username"> tags. There are some other places before
with root, but not as a user name (either as root privilages or SUID
root) so these ones don't qualify IMHO. Probably some others later as
well, haven't yet examined.

Line 1531: Missing period at end of sentence.

I'll do this if I have a green light, hopefully in a sane number of
commits. And expect some more when I finish with this file ;)

PS Am I the only one to actually read and complain about the doc's I'm
translating? Or am I just being too pedantic?

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