[MPlayer-DOCS] I've finished help string translation of zh_CN

Emfox Zhou emfoxzhou at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 05:53:51 CEST 2005

2005/10/18, Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de>:
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 11:41:10PM +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> > 2005/10/17, Torinthiel <torinthiel at megapolis.pl>:
> > > And one more thing: What is the encoding of these files?
> > > Something understood by iconv, so MPlayer can automatically convert if
> > > asked to?
> >
> > thats gbk (more accurately, "zh_CN.GBK").
> BTW, can you tell us what the encoding of the help_mp-zh_TW.h file is?

i  can see the content correctly using zh_TW.Big5, definitely it's in
big5 charset. so it's a mistake, it should have a corresponding
.charset file.

> > i think it''s safe to do a "iconv -f gbk -t utf8" and delete the
> > .charset file.
> Hmm, what would be the advantages and disadvantages?

i don't know what's the internel mplayer core to do with the help
strings files... i think  nothing change will occur to end user,
mplayer  will detect the user locale and show the string in a right
way (if i'm completely wrong, please point out !)

but more and more (though not the most) people speak in chinese start
to convert there locale from zh_CN.GBK to zh_CN.UTF-8, because many
software designed not specified for chinese people just support utf-8,
but not those legacy codepages. the only problem is they should iconv
all their own gbk files into utf-8 one. for me now, i' using
zh_CN.UTF-8, and have to do iconv every time before and after
retrieving the file from cvs and translating.

ps: windows after 2000 could deal both those old legacy codepages and
utf-8 well.

so, the conclusion is, gbk is not  bad, but change to utf-8 will make
a little better in helping MPlayer developer and utf-8 spreading,
while (if?) not affecting end users.

ps2: i'm not bad in reading and comprehanding english, not not in
expressing. little time i had written long sentences and articles in
english, so please, if there's anything i have not make it clear,
please reply.

> Diego
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