[MPlayer-DOCS] I've finished help string translation of zh_CN

Sebastian Krämer mplayer at skraemer.de
Mon Oct 17 18:48:00 CEST 2005

On Monday 17 October 2005 17:38, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> 2005/10/17, Torinthiel <torinthiel at megapolis.pl>:
> > On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 10:50:28PM +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> > > i've  read it before i started to translate. strings leaved
> > > untranslated is because i don't know the meaning exactly. and what
> > > about sync tag? it's for cvs commiter, isn't it?
> >
> > More for anyone translating the file. It states that "this file is
> > english revision XXX, only translating, if you translate than you only
> > need to translate differences between XXX and HEAD".
> got it. but infact, i didn't know what's the version exactly, i just
> pick up the current translated one, and add strings according to the
> output of help_diff.sh ....

See the first line of help/help_mp-en.h. You could also browse the web-cvs, 
version numbers also noted there.

Good luck!


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