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Another usage example for the %n%str escaping syntax and ao_sgi documentation update

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--- mplayer.1	11 Oct 2005 13:34:24 -0000	1.1136
+++ mplayer.1	15 Oct 2005 14:38:02 -0000	1.1137
@@ -455,9 +455,13 @@
 mplayer -ao pcm:file=%10%C:test.wav test.avi
+Or in a script:
+mplayer -ao pcm:file=%`expr length "$NAME"`%"$NAME" test.avi
 You can put all of the options in configuration files which will be read
 every time MPlayer/MEncoder is run.
@@ -1989,6 +1993,14 @@
 .B sgi (SGI only)
 native SGI audio output driver
+.PD 0
+.IPs "<output device name>"
+Explicitly choose the output device/\:interface to use
+(default: system-wide default).
+For example, 'Analog\ Out' or 'Digital\ Out'.
+.PD 1
 .B sun (Sun only)

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