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configurable 'junk' borders for pullup

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@@ -3176,7 +3176,7 @@
 Further development on ivtc has stopped, as the pullup and filmdint
 filters appear to be much more accurate.
-.B pullup\ 
+.B pullup[=jl:jr:jt:jb:sb]\ 
 Third-generation pulldown reversal (inverse telecine) filter,
 capable of handling mixed hard-telecine, 24 fps progressive, and 30
 fps progressive content.
@@ -3186,7 +3186,15 @@
 a pattern to follow, but it instead looks forward to the following
 fields in order to identify matches and rebuild progressive frames.
 It is still under development, but believed to be quite accurate.
-No configuration options are available yet.
+The jl, jr, jt, and jb options set the amount of "junk" to ignore at
+the left, right, top, and bottom of the image, respectively.
+Left/right are in units of 8 pixels, while top/bottom are in units of
+2 lines.
+The default is 8 pixels on each side.
+Setting the sb (strict breaks) option to 1 will reduce the chances of
+pullup generating an occasional mismatched frame, but it may also
+cause an excessive number of frames to be dropped during high motion
 Always follow pullup with the softskip filter when encoding to ensure
 that pullup is able to see each frame. Failure to do so will lead to

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