[MPlayer-dev-eng] Size of codecs_t, CODECS_MAX_FOURCC

Lauri Kasanen cand at gmx.com
Mon May 29 21:36:34 EEST 2017


Having just updated mplayer, I had a quick look at its current size.
The builtin codec arrays take 700kb currently.

The biggest offender, fourcc, could be reduced: the largest codec in
codecs.conf includes 71 fourccs, less than the 92 currently set as the
max. Is there any reason to use such a high number? Does some external
dll codec use that many?

Dropping it to the 71 would save 100kb. 72 or 80 would be more "round",
saving less but maybe giving some headroom to add fourccs to that
largest codec.

- Lauri

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