[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] Potmeter issue

Hans-Dieter Kosch hdkosch at kabelbw.de
Thu Mar 6 00:52:01 CET 2014

Ingo Brückl wrote:

> I'm currently preparing patches for deprecated stuff, internally mapping
> potmeter onto hpotmeter(*) and transferring potmeter code into pimage.
> I will then post the patch introducing rpotmeter you can start with.

No hurry, I can prepare the algorithm independently (I'm currently very busy in 
my job). I'll try to provide the test skin on weekend, then you'd already have 
something for your tests.

> (*) A lot of (old?) skins use the potmeter as hpotmeter. I don't feel like
> fixing them all, so the old behaviour is restored, but there will be an
> information that potmeter is deprecated. Only the standard skins and the
> really used one will be updated. (We may ask in the user list which skins
> are being used.)

Yes, it's really weird, potmeter is in principle designed like hpotmeter; a 
related note on the user list is surely a good idea.


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