[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] Potmeter issue

Hans-Dieter Kosch hdkosch at kabelbw.de
Wed Mar 5 01:46:29 CET 2014

Ingo Brückl wrote:

> Hans-Dieter Kosch wrote on Mon, 03 Mar 2014 01:51:18 +0100:
>> Ingo Brückl wrote:
>>> * A new item 'rpotmeter' (rotary potmeter: button, bwidth, bheight, phases,
>>>   numphases, default, X, Y, width, height, message) will be introduced.
>> If width != height, we have an ellipse instead of a circle: how should the
>> button walk?
>> 1) Walk on the ellipse given by width/height:
>> 2) Walk on the circle given by min(width, height), centered to the image.
>> 3) Enforce width == height.
> I'd be OK with 3) (unless there actually is a skin with width != height), but
> if you prefer 2), go ahead.

I'll pursue 2), it leaves the designer some freedom to draw something on the 
left-over margin if he/she intentionally makes width != height (nobody should 
really do this when considering a circle) and it's easier; in case of 3) we'd 
have to check this when parsing the definition and throw an error.

> It just would be nice to have at least a concept study of a skin with such a
> poti (doesn't have to be a full skin - just something to test with).

I'm planning to take the old 'standard' skin with a tri-state button added to 
the volume pot using the new 'rpotmeter' definition. Then we can see reacting 
the button as well as the already present phase image. The original 'default' 
skin can be used to test backward compatibility with the new 'pimage' 
definition: the pot should not respond to the mouse, but should be updated when 
changing the volume by other means, e.g. alsa mixer. And 'Clearlooks' can be 
used for 'pimage' testing when renaming 'potmeter' to 'pimage'.

PS: I assume to take care also for the mouse event handling (according to my 
patch "Implement a true rotary potmeter").


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