[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] Potmeter issue

Hans-Dieter Kosch hdkosch at kabelbw.de
Sat Mar 1 19:17:29 CET 2014

Ingo Brückl wrote:
> This is what I came up with regarding the potmeter issue discussed in
> "[PATCH] GUI: Activate potmeter". It still has to be checked with the
> existing code and all skins though.
> * The item 'potmeter' will be discarded. It will be removed from the skin
>   documentation, but still be supported as a depreciated item.
> * Instead of 'potmeter', a new item 'pimage' (phase image, same parameters)
>   will be introduced.

'pimage' reminded me to 'potimage' at the first moment. What about 'phsimage' or 
'phaseimg' or sth. to make its meaning more clear and distinguish from the pot 

> * Concerning the depreciated 'potmeter' in a skin file:
>   ** If there is another related item for the message, it will be handled
>      like a pimage.
>   ** Not quite sure what to do if there is no other related item for the
>      message.

I think the potmeter in a skin file can be handled as pimage in any case, since 
it behaves that way for now. If it were intended as control element, it has to 
be redefined anyway to make it working. It's probably impossible heuristic to 
deduce the intention of the potmeter and handle it accordingly as pimage or 

> * A new item 'rpotmeter' (rotary potmeter: button, bwidth, bheight, phases,
>   numphases, default, X, Y, width, height, message) will be introduced.

This would be really compatible with the *potmeter family.

> Hans-Dieter implements the rendering of rpotmeter (I'll do the rest and
> update the documentation) and provides a skin using it (with a tri-state
> button; an existing skin may be modified).

I'll do my best...


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