[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Fix playback of 06.rm

Roberto Togni rxt at rtogni.it
Fri Jan 3 17:46:53 CET 2014

 this patch fixes playback of
 http://www.maknoon.com/download/audios/khudheir/06.rm reported on
-users a long time ago. The same file is also in FFmpeg trac #2152.
Realplayer8 plays the file correctly.

The patch skips over the MLTI chunk that is found in audio block before
the .ra chunk.

Since I have only this sample, and it contains only one audio stream, I
can't implement any use for that data.
MLTI chunks are used in realtrsp streaming, probably it's just a
leftover of some program used to dump the stream.

I will apply in a few days if no comment.

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