[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] ao_jack: add "connect" suboption

Markus Appel masolomaster3000 at googlemail.com
Mon May 27 21:13:54 CEST 2013

> In my opinion, there should be two possibilities of using jack output:
>   - "simple" behavior, if you have e.g. a 6-channel soundcard, ask
> mplayer for "-channels 6 -ao jack" and get 1-to-1 connections without
> worrying about it
> - "flexible" behavior, in case you have e.g. multiple stereo soundcards
> (like me) or a 6-channel soundcard with non-standard channel sequence,
> then you ask for "-channels 6 -ao jack:noconnect" and configure e.g.
> qjackctl's patchbay to reroute the channels to wherever you want.
> Connecting to the existing outputs in the latter case does not really
> help, you will likely not get usable audio by just doing that (missing
> dialogues from a not connected center channel for example), and it might
> get in the way of your custom connection template.
> I hope I could convince you ;) I attached a diff to r36233.
> Anyway, thanks for the revision so far.

Any follow-up?


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