[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer bug tracker migration

Ingo Brückl ib at wupperonline.de
Wed Dec 18 19:55:41 CET 2013

Alexander Strasser wrote on Wed, 18 Dec 2013 19:46:18 +0100:

> we plan to move the MPlayer bug tracker to the project server
> this weekend. We will also migrate from Bugzilla to Trac.

Did we check whether the person in charge of a specific component (GUI in my
case) get's a notification on new reports and changes? (I don't remember.)

Is it possible to configure ISO format YYYY-MM-DD date with trac? (And will

Should we agree on some rules concerning the namespaces (like MPlayer) to
separate from the pre-existing pages, if we are going to use the wiki?


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