[MPlayer-dev-eng] ffmpeg fork timeline

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Wed Mar 16 00:00:02 CET 2011


1. ffmpeg switches to git, hosted by videolan because michael niedermayer was not happy with mplayer (mphq) roots/admins.
2. a fork of ffmpeg is started at almost the exact same time as the git switch. and tries to take over the project in the confusion.
3. original/official ffmpeg repo is removed from download page by fork team and replaced with fork repo.
4. main ffmpeg developer michael niedermayer reverts commit to download page.

4. main ffmpeg developer michael niedermayer is forcilbly removed without vote
from changing ffmpeg.org's website repo (hosted at mplayer).
5. Fabrice Bellard, owner of ffmpeg trademark and domain ffmpeg.org changes dns 
from being hosted on mplayerhq.hu to a new server ran by Arpi (creator of mplayer). this change was made due to michael, carl and compn asking for this.

6. fork of ffmpeg changes its name to libav and moves from mphq to a new server. 
7. libav project and root @ mphq shutdown the ffmpeg-devel mailing list without vote or even contacting any mplayer developers.
i hope this helps anyone who is curious what happened.

i'm thinking about posting this as a news entry on mplayer. since its our server, some people might be wondering what happened to the lists.


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