[MPlayer-dev-eng] dvd -vs- dvdnav

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Thu Jul 14 23:26:32 CEST 2011

On 07/14/2011 07:30 PM, Steaphan Greene wrote:
> On 07/14/2011 06:25 AM, Nico Sabbi wrote:
>> well, if you volunteer I wish you good luck! You'll need a lot :) ...
>> and much more patience.
>> Since you have both the coding skills and a good amount of testing
>> material you will surely
>> improve the dvd playback mechanism.
> I appreciate your vote of confidence.  Hopefully, I'll at least
> partially succeed.
> I am highly motivated to make some progress here.  I am annoyed that I
> must use 6 different media players to play my own content (because of
> various capabilities/advantages).  I hope to give mplayer its missing
> features to reduce that number (hopefully, eventually, to just 1).
> At present, I think xine is the easiest target.  Right now, I only use
> xine for its DVD menu support, and its more seamless file transitions.

If you are looking into the DVDNAV stuff, there's something for you:

It's the IFO files of the german "THE PRODUCERS" DVD (The Mel Brooks 
Movie from Sony).

It uses ARccOS copy protection, but the playback from this title is 
somewhat strange.
Title 1 is the main feature, and playing it delivers the correct sound 
(the one from the Columbia Logo), but the video is the last images of a 
deleted scene, then follow some black frames and then the Columbia Logo. 
All in all, there's around 10 seconds of Video delay, and roughly at 1 
minute or more into the movie, video catches up with audio.

If I seek with the arrow keys, the video always starts with the same 
frames from the initial deleted scene, and where at normal playback the 
Columbia Logo came, the scene jumped to appears. Jumping directly to a 
chapter (@ or !) instead works as expected.

Maybe someone who has a parser for the cell navigation in the IFO files 
can shed some light on this issue.


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