[MPlayer-dev-eng] EVR Renderer

Georgi Petrov gogothebee at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 15:04:49 CET 2010


The Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) turned out much more complicated
than I imagined from what I've tried and saw as code. I may
underestimated it a little bit, but I'm working on it. As my
experimental code is very far from initial inclusion, I have a
question. Can I submit the first patch to enable the "EVR
infrastructure"? I refer to needed changes in configure, the new
vo_evr.c and so on.

Unfortunately VLC doesn't implement EVR at all. It just reads back
from DXVA 2 and displays using other renderers. Right now the most
complete implementation is in MPC-HC's source. I will write more
information in the following days.

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